platform summit 2013

July 26, 2013

platform’s mission is to increase the interest, participation, and success of women and minorities in the innovation industry.  held at the MIT media lab and designed by pentagram, platform presented dozens of talks and interviews along the lines of TED talks to serve as inspiration for future innovators and thought leaders on the importance of entrepreneurial diversity.  speakers we had a special soft spot for included tavis smiley, quincy jones, nilofer merchant & deval patrick.


July 23, 2013

sharing a meal at fiorella’s involves a down-to-earth yet sophisticated blend of fresh ingredients, savory flavors and warm hospitality.  the dining experience is shaped in an environment that reflects a rustic elegance and benefits from an open kitchen where you can see the infamous sauce cooking.  we had the pleasure of capturing fiorella’s story in stills and motion for their new website developed by visual dialogue.  remon won’t give us the secret to his sauce, but we hope to get it out of him one day soon.  we know he throws a lot of love in there but… what else?  try it yourself and see.

portrait party

July 17, 2013

in early june we hosted a portrait party and invited friends and neighbors to take part.  what resulted was back-to-back shoots on a lovely sunday afternoon that felt like, well, a walk in the park.  we’re hosting another event on wednesday, july 31st.  this is a great opportunity for that family portrait you’ve been meaning to take, or to get a taste of what the studio can offer.  contact us for more information, or, if you’re ready to sign up, click here!

here & now

July 10, 2013

robin young & jeremy hobson have teamed up and expanded their live midday news program, now in syndication.  we went behind the scenes at WBUR last month to capture this new dynamic duo as they prepared to broadcast here & now on NPR and other public radio stations across the country.  in their own words, “here & now offers a distinctive mix of hard news and rich conversation featuring interesting players from across the spectrum of arts and culture, business, technology, science and politics”.  how can you not tune in to that?  and now, when we tune in, we know how it looks behind those engaging voices on the airwaves.

inspired girl

May 21, 2013

we were commissioned to produce a series of images that introduced the personalities of kim & mark johnson; entrepreneurs and co-founders of inspired girl productions.  an afternoon shoot in their newport home office captured various themes of their day-to-day, from conversations and presentations to meetings with colleagues of all sorts.

chemistry + alchemy

May 7, 2013

back in early april, we teamed up with a handful of collaborators and invited our event colleagues to celebrate at the chemistry + alchemy soirée.  we were thrilled to showcase the talents of vision, sound, texture & taste in a sweet & savory early spring bash.

special thanks to ae eventsseason to taste cateringforêt designsweet tooth bakerynew england country rentalstwo trick pony and murray hill talent for making this event possible, and also to our video collaborator, afterimage productions.

press play, and see what happens when all of these elements combine (and make sure to check out the stills below, too!)

faina & eddie

May 1, 2013

from the state street barbers to the state room and ultimately to the ames hotel, it was evident from the start that faina and eddie love boston and everything it has to offer.  the downtown boston venue showcased their elegant, yet lively event and the cityscape, viewed through the signature panoramic windows, was the perfect backdrop from the ceremony to the last dance.

beaver country day school

April 25, 2013

a creative environment with exceptional teachers, mentors and tools offers the kids – and the staff – at beaver country day school an opportunity to master the art of learning in ways that prepare them to innovate and compete in todays rapidly changing world.  we like to think of it as a liberal arts education for grades 6-12, and the diversity of the student body and faculty creates a more expansive world view than you’d expect in kids this age.  it’s always a pleasure to collaborate with our friends and neighbors, big fish on an ongoing project whose mission we believe in.

sarah & joe

April 8, 2013

when we get a referral from murray hill talent, we know it’s a couple with great taste.  add a stunning venue like the boston public library into the mix and it’s a perfect pairing.  sarah & joe’s elegant winter wedding was a mix of classic elements, stunning architecture and some of the best music in town.

WBUR gala

January 30, 2013

we know wbur probably reported on this earlier (as it took place last year) but here we go anyway:  how does it feel to hobnob with the likes of tom ashbrook, nina totenberg, robin young & click and clack? well, for the npr geeks at liz linder photography, it feels pretty darn good! for the third year in a row our studio was asked to document the extravaganza, and this year’s gala was bigger than ever.  mary flatley, our esteemed photographer covered all the excitement as wbur honored the 35th anniversary (and retirement) of the beloved show, car talk.  special thanks to our friends at altieri events for once again throwing one heck of a party.