Florida Cancer Specialists

October 14, 2014

A biopharmaceutical client was working with FCS magazine to feature their product.  We were fortunate enough to spend part of a chilly New England week in Southern Florida, creating environment portraits of practitioners to coincide with interviews.  Capturing the personalities in an engaging way, while maintaining consistency with the magazines’ look & feel brought the project to a level that pleased everyone from clients to subjects.  And I quote (from a quote of a quote):  “Thank you. So this is before Photoshop… gosh I’m gorgeous… jk (a line from 3rd rock from the sun by john lithgow)” -Cancer Specialist

Lyn Christiansen

September 22, 2014

Lyn is an artist who uses many materials but most of her work involves fiber, stone, or glass.  Capturing her portrait for personal and professional use was something I’ve wanted to do for a while, and we got down to it on a hot summer day in her Moody Street studio where she showed me ancient interlacing techniques such as cord twisting and kumihimo braiding (used to form exquisite wall hangings, among other pieces of art).

Red Brick Real Estate

September 15, 2014

Slabmedia redesigned Marc Marsan’s web page to incorporate environmental images that capture Boston neighborhoods showcasing his area of expertise.  It’s always refreshing to document the city I’ve lived in since college days, and to see that some things stay the same.

Beaver Country Day School

September 8, 2014

Beaver is an incredible learning environment.  Photographing on campus means spending time in & out of classrooms, talking with teachers and students and capturing ways knowledge is valued and inspiration is encouraged.  Creative thinking is bred here, and Beaver has the resources to offer a diverse student body an outstanding education for future leaders, creators and innovators.

summer shindig

September 4, 2014

as the summer comes to a close, we’re experiencing a little nostalgia, and wanted to share a highlight from early june:  a handful of collaborators and event colleagues gathered to celebrate a summer solstice shindig in our brookline village studio.

special thanks to the fireplace (for an outstanding, fun summer menu including fried clams and other warm-weather delights), smudge ink (who fashioned our sassy summer colors & statistics), murray hill talent (who inspired extra dance moves)*, as well as peterson party centertangerine creations for their contributions to this event.  we’ll never forget the flavors & themes, due to our video collaborator, afterimage productions who captured it all in motion.  we toned down the dance moves for your viewing pleasure, *but our DJ knew exactly what to spin and how to spin it.

art for film

August 29, 2014

what do ‘house of cards’, ‘gotham’, ‘royal pains’, ‘this Is where i leave you’, and ‘the other woman’, have in common? images by liz linder on set (of course!).  upcoming:  look for ‘god bless america and cold beer’  from the 9/11 series in judd apatow’s ‘trainwreck’, due out in 2015.

Atlas Venture

August 25, 2014

Atlas Venture focuses on life science and technology innovation.  They are also well-engaged with their investments, commissioning concept-driven portraits of their promising entrepreneurs.  I had the pleasure of working with two of these companies, both based in Cambridge.  CustomMade is an online marketplace connecting buyers who want unique creations with makers; sqrrl makes big data secure, accessible, and scalable.  Some ask for more cowbell, and some ask for more squirrels (thanks to Katie Woznick for complying with gusto).  Chris Lynch is a one of the Atlas team; I see him as a rock star with more mirth than his image lets on.

adi mayer

August 22, 2014

one phone call, one consultation and one photoshoot yielded a custom siddur and companion sign-in book highlighting the ceremony, portraits, family, and special interests (DANCE! MUSIC!) of adi mayer in her bat mitzvah year.

Big Fish

August 14, 2014

David Richard and his team at BIGfish focus on the constants in communication: a love of stories and the compelling narrative at the core of every brand: “Great minds don’t think alike – great minds leverage diversity in thought to create something totally unique.”  Their space also has a great story:  Orange Street Design Studio, also friends of our studio, created a fresh, open and innovative space ripe for collaboration.  We’re pleased to have them in the neighborhood.

Lindsay Mae

August 11, 2014

Lindsay commissioned a collection of images aiming to capture a portrait in time in a significant location — her family farm — imbued with the essence of wild, and celebrating the energy of her late grandmother. A significant aspect of this shoot involved chronicling the feel of the experience, capturing a range of emotions, and celebrating beauty and eloquence in the raw, darker aspects of life.