sleep on it

November 14, 2012

a top-secret, breakthrough new product from a big-name maker of sleep systems… curious yet?  we can’t say much about it other than this: we loved working with our friends over at an unnamed creative agency, and can’t wait for this new innovation to hit the market!

beth & josh

October 5, 2012

beth helped update the legalese in our wedding photography contract and when it was her time to sign her own, she came to us.  beth is an attorney with a love of photography that works with our trusted ‘lawyer to the photographic stars’, drew epstein (also the officiant).  we created a one-of-a-kind sign-in book from their engagement shoot and we are now designing an album from their lively, elegant luncheon wedding at the taj in boston.

the boston conservatory

September 12, 2012

the boston conservatory is an old friend, and we love to support their mission and their students.  that’s why we are so pleased with a new trio of videos we produced for the admissions department.   take a look and see what makes BoCo so great!  hint: it’s the people…


August 1, 2012

drumlin farm has a volunteer program that put our studio to work weeding the cabbage crops and harvesting red gold potatoes earlier this week.  our guides, calyb & alex enjoyed the enthusiasm our team brought, perhaps not fully appreciating how digging in the field when the sun is out and the soil is soft is a welcome break from day-to-day desk-work.   thanks to the stellar team here at liz linder photography; mary flatley, anna saraceno, rob lorino, bethany krevat and, of course the iphone camera; all y’all rock.  xxoo liz

the fixx

July 18, 2012

just when the time’s ripe to pull ‘reach the beach‘ off the record shelf and slap it down for a spin, the fixx (‘red skies at night’, ’saved by zero‘, and ‘one thing leads to another’) has kept going strong and matured since their days topping the billboard charts. these blokes rather enjoyed getting caught between thunder, lightning and downpours, passing the time with the same smart, thought-provoking banter found in their lyrics. thanks to rainmaker media group for the connection and quoting p.t. barnum (“without publicity, a terrible thing happens… NOTHING!”), and the helpful vision of a fellow fixx fan james f. kraus.

ps… check out the huffington post article featuring their new music video, ‘anyone else’.

melissa & peter

July 10, 2012

melissa and peter are foodies with an eye for strong visuals. when they approached us with their intimate restaurant wedding (with a portrait party twist!) we were thrilled. enter the tag-team of liz and mary. liz used her years of portrait prowess to capture the key players in a cozy gathering the night before the ceremony, and mary shot their epicurean event at oleana in cambridge the next day. the resulting images are as playful, warm and unique as the couple themselves.

heart gallery

July 6, 2012

the heart gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care. many of these children are considered ‘hard to place’ due to being an older child, a teen or being part of a sibling group. we’ve been shooting for MARE (the local chapter) since it started close to a decade ago. the shoots are consistently among the most heartfelt assignments that the studio takes on. this year we were also lucky to shoot david & glenn (of the incredible sweet tooth bakery) and their son joshua – a MARE success story.  shots by liz linder and mary flatley.

thrice as nice

April 6, 2012

a recommendation from our friend (and stellar interior gal), abbey k, led to one of our favorite mitzvah families, period.  it was a special treat to photograph these young ladies on the lawn and on the bimah.  keeping track of who’s who between triplets and a look-alike little sister was a fun challenge at a lively, down-to-earth event that celebrated family, close friends, coming of age, and… a birthday!

caren & ryan

March 14, 2012

sometimes you just fall in love with the details:  take a bride with vision, a groom with visual savvy, a warm collection of family & friends, and an exquisite event stylist.  if the whole is indeed greater than then sum of its parts, the result is a happy couple at a remarkably visual wedding late in the season.

email as we know it

February 21, 2012

we were recently commissioned by v.a. shiva to create an image that stands out and communicates his story.  for those of you in the dark, shiva is famous – and perhaps infamous – for inventing email as we know it.   and this august 30th, email as we know it is celebrating it’s 30th birthday, according to US copyright issue.  set your calendars to send a card or birthday greeting through… that’s right… email.